A list of some cool websites i frequently visit

heyuri.net - a cool imageboard thats sort of inspired from the old internet but with its own culture. rule 8 is the best thing ever concieved, i love this rule. i can't lie i'm a bit of a newfag to this site since i've only been browsing it since june of this year (or whenever the 20k GET was), but even then this site still holds a special place in my heart. expect lots of anime, lulz and lolis on heyuri.

4chan - 4chan as it is now an absolute shithole but there are a few boards i do browse often. i go on /g/ and /vr/ mostly. i do go on /co/ occasionally to talk about sonic underground and browse /smtg/ on /vg/.

wapchan.org - a neat little imageboard focused around retro content, with anime being the main subject. the owner of the website also has a youtube channel under the name fig57 which has some pretty cool videos. ALSO I FEEL LIKE I NEED TO CLARIFY THE NAME 'WAPCHAN' IS BASED OFF THE SLANG WORD 'WAPANESE' AND NOT THE CARDI B SONG 'WAP'!!

Toonami Aftermath - a cool not for profit fansite that hosts old toonami and adult swim shows. i generally like to tune in during the midnight run and all kids outta the pool blocks.

twatter - good for anime prawn and not much else.

khinsider - one of the best and widest libraries of video game music. i know a lot of sega music got purged from the site recently but other than that you can pretty much find anything. PRETTY MUCH A REQUIRED USERSCRIPT FOR THIS SITE: VGMLoaderX makes it so you can mass download a whole album without having to donate.

r/roms megathread - has rom links for pretty much every system and every region on the Internet Archive

FMHY wiki - the freemediaheckyeah wiki, has a lot of pirating sites and software for pretty much anything and lots of other cool stuff like tools to browse the internet better

page last updated 27/12/22