wow guys happy new year

new years eve was pretty unceremonious for me i just sat on my bed using my laptop (like every night) and i didn't even realise when the clock struck midnight. it was still pretty cool last night though, just chilling next to the fan watching anime. oh yes it is still summer last time i checked and that means being very hot and not wanting to do stuff like go on the computer or play video games (two things i do all the time btw). crickets are very loud though and i like the noises they make so i guess thats one plus.

today i spent a few hours playing more of revelations persona and i got absolutely NOWHERE in it, i kept dying and the dungeon i'm in is very confusing, not a fun time. i really wanna beat it though on the psx version so i might just have to keep on trying my luck with this game. one demon told me to kill myself while i was negotiating with it and it gave me a laugh.

i kind of want some other cool rpgs to play so i might play ffx even though i have the pal version that sucks balls. tough life being a pal gamer.

i dunno what else to say so see ya and have fun this new year