wow. oh so very hot this week. i do not like summer. anyways, christmas am i right? i got an ipod classic after my ipod touch broke (kind of my fault) and a shitload of money. but more important than that i got to spend time with my cool ass family. i went to my aunt's place and had lunch there, my cousin who i have mentioned before on here as the little kid that likes to watch me play sonic, her and her sister got a nintendo switch and sonic mania, which she was very excited to tell me about. we did not end up playing it, but thats okay i can do that some other time. the next day i woke up at 2pm and did pretty much nothing. i finished watching the funimation shin chan dub, that was awesome. i have not been properly dressed for two days, i'm still only in the shirt i wore to bed and my jocks and i smell like shit and i feel very very hot but hey, thats summer for ya. seeya next time