wow i have not made a blog post in a loong time. theres a little bit for me to say i guess. well, school is officially out for the year and so now i can laze around on the computer and play video games all day. yay! it's summer right now but the past week it has not been feeling very hot and thats changed today its 27 degrees outside (in celsius im not a subhuman FREAK who uses fahrenheit) and i can hear the crickets and cicadas full blast today. i've been watching the funimation shin-chan dub lately and its really funny. i've also been playing revelations persona probably one of my favourite games and its been a bit stressful actually because sometimes it would just freeze and stop reading the cd, then i did the good old upside-down playstation trick and its been working perfectly fine after that. man i really love the atmosphere of the game with the god-tier music and something about playing on a real ps1 and a crt makes the experience better imo, really goes to show how hard they dropped the ball with the shitty psp remake. also i cleaned my room and it looks a whole lot better but man these spiders will not go away i swear theres like 5 of them in my room. OH ALSO i recently made a spacehey page so go look at that maybe and friend me or whatever. anyway i think thats it goodbye