ok that first one was kind of a test heres the real deal now baby. i met with my nan a few weeks ago and she agreed to let me have her old computer. SO i am now in the possesion of a desktop windows 7 machine which in all honesty is probably the most powerful computer ive ever owned (;´Д`). one of the first things i did was install pcsx2 and im currently playing through nocturne properly (my laptop is kinda garbage and it doesnt run anything gen 6 or above very well. played like 2 hours and got to ginza but i havent played anymore.

BECAUSE i am very busy at the moment as well playing earthbound zero for the seventh fucking time ive been going through it pretty quick just a few days ago i was at the stupid fuckin duncan factory and now i just got teddy so im grinding for the dragon. ngl its kinda fun cause im just exploring around the world and even though ive played this lots its kind of refreshing because i just speed through it normally and i havent played this game in a while actually.

and specifically today i was off school and i rewatched flcl and oh my god its so cool and when i finished that i watched a bit of tenchi univerese because i was watching it on toonami aftermath when it first started airing but after about seven episodes i stopped watching ta becuase i was really stressed irl. which kinda sucked because i love coming home and watching yu yu hakusho. ok that was very long goodbye from me today (for real last time)