cool youtubers i like

no particular order or anything

kenny lauderdale - mainly focuses on reviewing obscure retro anime. some of his older videos are private/members only but i have a few archived

nerrel - really like this guy. only uploads every 1 - 2 months but he makes great videos. he makes videos about games, fan made emulators, texture packs and berating nintendo for not having good services. also makes videos about star wars but i'm a video game nerd not a star wars nerd. the humour in his videos is completley dry and does not draw attention to itself.

hazel - makes videos about anime and sometimes other stuff. her videos have a really chill vibe i like. nice longform content.

thorhighheels - "video games :)". he makes videos about video games. features lots of obscure and interesting underlooked games. has a cool ass aesthietics for all of his videos.

running shine - makes longform game reviews. not very often but all of them are great. a lot of his humour is offensive which is right up my alley but maybe not for others. seems like a cool ass guy.

tamers12345 - probably my favourite youtuber ever. he makes what could be considered as the best animation of the 21st century. (20th century being sonic underground of course). makes animated videos of the cast of sonic underground, the sonic cartoon that everyone shits on. he is genuinely a great artist, great writer and amazing comedian. i also love the community he has managed to bring together from his videos. every time he drops an episode there is always a /co/ thread about it and it feels magical talking to people who love this stupid autistic ass cartoon as much as i do. he is the one youtuber i want people to watch, unless you can't handle hearing the word "faggot" or "retard", maybe skip out on his videos if then, lots of his humour is dark and offensive and i fucking love it but be warned.