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Social Dancing by bis, 1999

i like the band bis and this has to be my favourite album of theirs. all of the songs in this album are great but my favourite would have to be "detour". give this album and the rest of their discography a listen if you want, i'm kind of a hypocrite anyway i only listen to like 3 of their albums i'll be honest

High Octane by Proxima64, 2022

Proxima64 is an artist whose album i found advertised on an imageboard a little bit after it released, so i checked it out and oh man this shit is awesome. It's all done with real synthesizers and played in real time. I also quite like the drawings he makes for the album covers, something about it is really unique to me. You can really tell he cares about this stuff and puts passion into all of his music, subscribe to his youtube channel, he deserves it

Please Mr. Lostman by The Pillows, 1997

yes i like the dumb anime with this bands music in it, the one that people try to pretend is really deep and philosophical and go into every little thing about it even though it doesn't matter. now that's out of the way, i really like the band the pillows and i like most of their albums, but i picked this one because all of the songs in it i genuinely really like. a problem i have with downloading albums is that i will just delete the mp3s that i don't like and i have done it for quite a few of this bands songs, but not with this album. my favourites of this album would have to be the titular song "please mr. lostman" and also "swanky street". if for some reason you haven't listened to their music, check it out here FLCL Full OST

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